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More freezer progress

Finally we have finalized our own-made freezer for our sailboat, and we are really happy with it! It was quite bigger than we first thought and it looks really fresh. We are still a bit unsure if the cooler we bought will be able to keep temperatures below freezing but if not we just have an extra cooling box. As mentioned before is a Danfoss BD35F compressor with a plate evaporator that is as good as new.

Earlier we had started adding insulation into the freezer and after that was done we started covering the surface with white-painted aluminum.

Aluminum surface added inside the freezer/cooling box. We bent the bottom piece to match the shape of the bottom, as we had shaped that so that the bottom is horizontal.
The top part of the freezer where the plate evaporator for the cooler will be attached on.
As said above, the bottom piece of the aluminum was bent. For the remaining pieces we added marine sealant.
The stern cabin starting to come together.
Testing out how the refrigeration unit should be positioned. We have built a stand for the cooler and will also have a cover for the cooler so that we can use the storage without damaging the cooler.
The evaporating plate attached to the top and the refrigeration unit in position in the storage space next to the freezer.
The evaporating plate is attached to the top with some distance in between.
The cover for the cooler also in position, now we only need a nice surface on the top, a lid for the freezer and some ventilation for the refrigeration unit.

If you want more posts about our freezer and how we built it, all posts about it can be found under the tag freezer.

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