Sailboat renovation

Making roof panels for sailboat

After we have finished with the mahogany strips we started making roof panels so that the roof would match our beautiful new mahogany.

We bought a fake lather boat interior material at the boat store. We choose to buy the thinest version of the material, which was 1.2 mm thick. The reason for not choosing a thicker version was that the surface we want to attach them onto will be pretty smooth and then there is no need to have a thicker, more forgiving material.

preparing for roof panels on sailboat
First we have glued up pieces of wood onto the roof, which we will attach the roof panels onto.
Next step is to fit the plywood and cut it in the rights shape. We have used plywood that is WBP treated (weather and boil proof). We used 7 mm thick plywood so that the roof panels will be firm, if using thinner plywood it could start loosing it’s shape and start hanging and that we didn’t want. This thickness we choose feels very stable right now and hopefully it will stay that way.
Then we made an edge and fixed it with glue onto the plywood. And spend some time sanding it to have a smooth edge.
Next up is to glue the fake leather fabric onto the plywood.
This is the glue we have used. It is used for gluing bathroom carpets so very good for humid areas.
boat interior material onto our roof panels for the sailboat
Attaching the fake leather onto the plywood and making sure that there is no irregularities that will show later.
Finally we attached the edges with staples.
spotlights roof panel sailboat
We have also bought some spotlights we added onto the roof panels. Nice to be able to light the boat up 🙂
roof panels for sailboat
Some roof panels waiting to be set up in the sailboat! 🙂

Now we will just have to set up all the roof panels in the sailboat and after we are finished with that we are pretty much done with the interior (except some final fixes around the freezer and our fixes for the wood that was damage by a leakage). At least we want focus so much more on that right now before our departure but there are still a lot of things we want to improve but that will have to wait until the future.

We have also recently worked with repairing the damage done by the wood that was rotted, working with the freezer. More about that soon 🙂

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