Sailboat renovation

Mahogany progress

This weekend most of the time has been spent preparing for and setting up mahogany strips.

Plywood strips on the hull in the bow. Painted black so that any glitch between the mahogany won’t reveal the plywood behind.
Insulation material Armaflex between the plywood strips.

Armaflex above the chair we have on port side.

We have started to set up mahogany as well, but forgot to take a picture of that so it will have to wait a while.

We have also worked a bit with our gearbox. It has been leaking so we took it out and bought new sealings for it and did a more thorough job than we did before (when we had the engine out and did a renovation of it). When we have put it back and try it again it will hopefully not leak and we won’t get oil in the bilge.

It takes time to get all the mahogany strips in place and we will probably keep doing this for a while so sorry in advance for not so varying blog posts 😉

But will prepare one soon about some insurance thoughts, which we have started to investigate. A conclusion so far is that it is not easy when you have a boat that is cheap. But more about that in another blog post soon.

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