Lifting the engine back into the boat

It was finally time to lift our Volvo Penta engine back into the boat. The weather forecast said it was going to be a warm and sunny, but windy, weekend so we decided to do the engine lift.

First up was to lift it into the car, which was the hardest part for us when lifting it out of the boat, read more about it HERE. Since we had problems last time we built a rig so that it would be easier to get it into the car.

The rig for lifting the engine into the car.
The engine and the generator in the car and ready to get into the boat!

Next up was to go to our ship Aline to get the small boat. When we lifted the engine out from the boat we rowed to the dock where the derrick was located, but it was way to windy now so we thought we would use our dinghy for the ship to tow the sailboat.

Lifting the dinghy off Aline.

The ship is not located far from where we have the sailboat, so it wasn’t an especially long boat ride. And first boat ride of the year! 🙂

Outside the tivoli of Gröna Lund on Djurgården in Stockholm.
Anne-Mon at the dock with the derrick. We didn’t take a picture when towing but we got to the dock without problems.
Getting the engine out from the car. We got some help from Thomas father and brother with both towing the boat and lifting the engine back into the boat.

Almost there! 🙂
A picture from when we lifted the engine out from the boat in November last year. Quite the difference!
And the engine is back inside the boat! 🙂
Lifting the generator inside the boat as well.
The engine and the generator finally inside the boat after their renovation.

We towed Anne-Mon back to her original dock, the wind had picked up a bit but we got her in place without any problem. Next up will be to finishing the bilge, and lifting both the generator and the engine into their positions. We also noticed that there is a small leakage in one of the connections in the fuel tank, which we fixed earlier (read more about it HERE) so we will have to investigate that further and fix the leakage.





  • Lars Frisk

    Must be nice to have the engine back in the boat again. Impressing work! What is the next project, except for puting the engine back in place?

    Thanks for doing this blog. Looking forward to the next post.
    (We recently bought an OC 35, located in Gullmarsfjorden.)

    • Sailing Anne-Mon

      Hi, good to hear you like the blog. Next project will probably be to go through the electric systems on the boat, continue the plastic repairs when it gets warmer again and go through the rig. Good luck with your OC35 🙂

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