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Last night of our sailing adventure

August 5-6, 2021

After almost one year out sailing we started our last overnight sail, from Torrö close to Västervik to Bullerö in Stockholm archipelago. It was a nice calm sail, we sailed outside of the archipelago up to Bullerö. When we started the trip one year earlier we sailed the inshore route as it felt safer to close to the islands, but on the return trip we sailed outside as we thought that was easier. No need to worry about hitting a rock or something during the night. Quite some different mindset after a year. We really have become more comfortable with open water and sailing during nights than we were in the beginning of our trip.

We moored at Bullerö, walked around the island and used the sauna in the evening.

Anchored on Bullerö, our last night of our sailing trip…
Bullerö is a very pretty island in the archipelago.

A small beach at Bullerö.
At Bullerö there is a museum about the archipelago and about a group of Swedish artist that used to visit Bullerö frequently. This was their hunting cabin.
The sauna at Bullerö, which unfortunately got burnt down a couple of weeks after our visit 🙁

The following morning we set sail and sail the last part to Vindö, where we got some more people welcoming us. Vindö would be our last stop and where we would leave the boat. We sold Anne-Mon a few days after our return to Stockholm. We already have the ship in Stockholm and two boats would to much work for us, and we wouldn’t have the time to use both of them properly. The new owners plan a long-distance sailing as well and it feels really good that Anee-Mon will head out for some new adventures 🙂

And what about us?

We returned to our jobs September 1st (we were both on a work-leave for a year), we have done some jobs on the ship, spent some weekends in the archipelago with the ship and enjoyed Stockholm life.

But, we don’t feel that we are finished with the whole travel-by-sailboat way of living. We really liked to travel this way and already talked about doing a trip like this again sometime in the future, maybe an around-the-world trip or a similar one as we did now. Time will tell, but we really loved this!

What is left now is to finish all our YouTube-videos, if you don’t want to miss a new video upload don’t forget to subscribe to the videos on YouTube.

We have also finally summarized all our costs we have had during our sailing trip. Click on the link Cost for sailing the Atlantic Circuit if you want to read more about what it has cost for us to do this sailing trip.

And here’s the Swedish version of our costs for sailing to the Caribbean and back: Kostnad för långfärdssegling.

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