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Hoisting the sails and first sailing

While working with the cockpit we also decided it was time for hoisting the sails for the first time. First one was the furling head sail. We hoisted the furling head sail a calm evening.

Adding the furling head sail to the furling head stay.

We noticed that the sail was to short, so we needed a extensing on the halyard.

The head sail was to short for the furling system, like the second picture so we added an pennant like the one in the third picture to compensate.
First sail in position and furling system seems to work fine as well.

The following day we decided to hoist the main sail and try sailing our boat for the first time.

Preparing to hoist the main sail.
Both sails up and we are sailing!

We sailed around in central Stockholm for a while. It was Petras first sail ever  and Thomas first sail in a couple of years. The wind wasn’t very strong which was perfect for our first sail. Our sailboat isn’t exactly a racer but we moved forward pretty okay even though we have a lot of things growing on the keel and we weren’t able haul the sails properly since our winches needed some service.

First sail, much to learn about sailing.
Inside our winch handles, not much left of the old spring, just rust.
Our winches have the gripping functionality in the handle. We removed the old feather and added a new one, but we will need to do a full overhaul of the winches someday.

We hadn’t hoisted the mizzen sail yet, since we had noticed a damage on one of the lower shrouds for the mizzen mast.

The damage on one of the lower shrouds for the mizzen mast.

We ordered a new shroud and when it arrived we mounted it and could hoist the mizzen sail.

The mizzen sail hoisted.

It will be exiting to test sailing next time with the mizzen sail. Apparently the mizzen sail is really good hoisting first to set the sailboat in irons and then the rest of the sails can be hoisted.

Finally we added the boom covers for both the main mast and the mizzen mast, which made the boat look like  a proper sailboat!

Boom cover for the main mast.

Otherwise we have started painting the cockpit and will soon be able to show some before and after pictures of the cockpit! We are also working with renovating the cabin door and will add a blog post about that soon. But this weekend we will take a break from working with the sailboat to celebrate Swedish Midsummer, in our opinion the best holiday in Sweden. If you don’t know what holiday this is, just google Swedish Midsummer.

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