Sailboat renovation

Getting rid of diesel heater

During last weekend we also managed to do some more work inside the boat. One thing we spent a lot of time on was to remove our diesel heater. We decided a while back that we wanted to remove it. It has been really useful for us during our autumn sail here in Stockholm archipelago, but we are heading to the tropics.

If we decide to sail in higher latitudes with Anne-Mon we will have to get a new one at that point, but since we have no plans for that now, we are getting rid of it. Or actually we sold it to, it is working fine so better it get used by a new owner.

Our old diesel heater.
We had a separate fuel tank for the diesel heater, which we also removed.

At the place where the small fuel tank for the diesel heater were located we will add a new water tank instead. We will probably install our water maker here and that water tank will work as a holding tank for the water made by the water maker. And when we are done making water it will be released to the main tanks. That way a bad patch of water won’t ruin our entire water system.

Below the sofa where the small fuel tank for the diesel tank was located earlier. To the left in the picture you can see our water heater and next to it the fuel tank for the diesel heater was located. Below is one of our water tanks. Our idea is to add an extra water tank here and also install the water maker here.

We also continued a bit with our electrical installation during last weekend and continued cleaning.

The hull inside the wardrobe, hope you can see where we have cleaned and where we haven’t… 😉

We have made an order for some nicer interior and hopefully we will be able to start covering the hull soon.

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