Sailboat renovation

Generator renovation

In parallel of working with the engine, we also renovated the generator for our sailboat. The generator we have is a Zeise Liliput Multi Power. Our main focus during the winter was the engine and we just wanted to do what was necessary with the generator.

The generator right after we had lifted it out from the boat.

As everything else on the boat, the generator had been abandoned for ten years. We suspected from the start that the heat exchanger would be quite dirty, so we removed the heat exchanger to clean it.

Removing the heat exchanger.
Cleaning the heat exchanger. Can you see the dirty water?
Re-mounted the heat exchanger again and started the generator for the first time.

There were no problems running the generator, so there is not much that we need to do. But what we will do is:

  • Changing the fuel hoses
  • Changing the driving belts
  • Paint the covers for the generator
  • Change oil and coolant
Starting to remove the generator so that we could change the driving belt.
Generator removed.
One of the steel screws that held the generator had corroded badly into the aluminum of the generator. It was really hard to get rid of it. We tried with heat and a pipe wrench.
The evil screw finally removed.
Emptying the old oil, which, as you can see is very dirty.
Painting the covers for the generator.
One of the covers for the generator before cleaning and painting.
The cover after painting.
The generator after painting the bottom cover and cleaned it a bit.
After painting and cleaning on the other side.
Adding the cover.
The generator inside its cover.
The generator and the engine 🙂

We are still waiting for the ice to melt in the marina were we have the boat, but we hope that we will be able to lift the engine back in to the boat next weekend. To see all our posts about renovation, see the category Renovation, and for the posts about the engine, see category Engine.




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