Gearbox renovation and crankcase ventilation solution

In this blog post we will show our gearbox renovation and crankcase ventilation solution. For the crankcase ventilation solution we finally decided that we will pass the blow-by gases to the intake via the valve cover.

Gearbox renovation

We have a Volvo Penta RB gearbox, which we wanted to take apart to see that everything looked good, and change/repair what was necessary.

Starting to take the gearbox apart.
The interior of the gearbox.

We measured the wear on the gearbox. Everything was according to specification, so we will only change sealings and gaskets. One thing we noticed when taking it apart was that the old oil in the gearbox smelled like transmission oil, which is common to use for gearboxes, but for Volvo Penta RB gearbox you actually should use standard engine oil.

The new sealings, o-rings and copper washers for our gearbox. Volvo Penta spare parts are expensive so we bought all of these spare parts separately, which was much cheaper than it would have been to buy them as a complete kit. If you want to know where we found all our spare parts, click HERE.

Time for painting the gearbox!
Before painting…
… and after painting! 🙂

CrankCase ventilation solution

As said above, the solution we decided to settle with was to pass the blow-by gases to the intake via the valve cover. The reason we choose this solution is because we don’t want the blow by gases inside the boat.

A hole made on the valve cover.
The new fitting.
After welding on the valve cover. We (Thomas) aren’t very satisfied with this welding but it will do its job.
The fittings on the valve cover and the intake.
Finally adding some final paint on the valve cover and intake.

The next step of our Volvo Penta MD19 renovation will be to do the final painting and test-run it again to make sure that the leakages fixes we did works. If you want to read more about our engine renovation, all posts related to that can be found under the category Engine.

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  • Tom Kelly

    Hello, I hope you guys are well? I have recently bought a ginnsailer 29 with a volvo penta md3b engine. I also have to RB gear box and it’s really stiff to change gear, it does go into both gears but it feels like I’m going to break it with the force I need to shift, I was wondering if that is normal with these gear boxes? Do you know if there is anything I can do to ease it a bit? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope the overhaul is going to plan. Many thanks in advance.

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