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Fixing our fresh water system

During the weekend we worked on the boat, and next up on the to-do list was to get the fresh water on our sailboat up and running. We had started last weekend to change some hoses and when all of them were changed it was time to fill up the tanks. Since we can’t fill up water where we have the boat right now we took a little sailing trip to find water.

Sailing to Stavsnäs to fill up the water tanks, Thomas parents joined us for the sail.

We sailed to Stavsnäs, had some lunch and filled up the tanks. Before filling up the tanks we added a couple of pills that would get rid of any bacteria growing in the tanks.

We used these pills to clean the inside of the water tanks.

These pills should be left in the tank at least six hours and then you empty the tanks. We wanted to do this since we haven’t opened the tanks and they haven’t been used in over 10 years. We sailed back and let the pills clean the tanks during the night.

Sailing back with full water tanks.

During the sail an old damage in our furling headsail got worse and a new one has gone from the wish-list to need-list. Hopefully we find a good second hand one, a new one is way to expensive for us.

The damage in the furling head sail.

The following day we started to empty the tanks, after we had fixed all leakages in the system. Some of them are temporary fixed, for example a hot water pipe to the shower which is broken and needs to be changed. We plugged it right now so the fresh water system can run without any leakages.

We reused the old fresh water pump, which seems to work fine.

Going over the fresh water pump and mounting the final hoses so that we could start the fresh water pump.
Temporary installed fresh water pump and water filter.
Fresh water system working! 🙂

Since we have emptied the tanks completely we also need to sail back and fill them so that we can start using the fresh water, but at least the system is working right know.

We have also found a second hand watermaker which we bought yesterday! 🙂 It will definitely make our sailing adventure easier, not being dependent on water. But more about the watermaker later.

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