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First stop at Canary Islands – beautiful La Graciosa

November 14-18, 2020

After we where safe inside the marina we went to check in to the marina, showed our passports, ship’s registration papers and insurance policy. The marina at La Graciosa is very cheap, and normal years one most book a spot to be able to visit. But there were a lot of available spots for us.

At the village at La Graciosa, Caleta del Sabo, a very beautiful place.

We took a beer in the sun in company with the boat Svala, they left Lagos about the same time as us and had also just arrived. We ate a simple lunch, took a walk around the beautiful town and went to a beach nearby to take a swim. In the evening we had a nice dinner together with Svala at a fish restaurant in town.

A walk around town, no asphalt anywhere, just sandy roads (and some stone roads near harbour)

The following day we rented bikes and set out to explore the island. We first biked to the other side of the island, to a beautiful beach. It was very big waves so we couldn’t swim, but we sat on the beach and ate lunch and watched the waves.

A bike tour around the islands.
Beautiful conch beach at the north side of the islands, unfortunately the waves were very big so we couldn’t swim.

After lunch we continued biking around the island. It was very cool sandy landscape on the island. We visited the other small village on the island, had some “fika” and took a swim before we returned to Caleta del Sabo.

We continued around the islands, sand everywhere…
Very cool landscape!
The other small village on the islands.

Sunset at the harbour in Caleta del Sabo.

After two nights in the marina we set off to a beautiful anchorage nearby, Playa Franesca. The water had an incredibly turquoise. We hung out with Svala, swam in the incredible water, explored the surroundings. Will let the pictures talk for themselves…

On anchor at Playa Franesca.
Not many people on the beach.

A cool beach next to the caldera.
One evening we took a walk up to the caldera next to the beach,
Anchorage seen from above, with Lanzarote in the background.
The cool little beach seen from above.
On the top.
A beautiful sunrise.
A nice breakfast the day after with homemade bread rolls snd fresh pressed orange juice.

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