Atlantic Circuit,  Northern Europe

Exploring Solva

June 29-30, 2021

After 2 nights in Porthlysgi bay we decided to sail the short distance to Solva. We wanted to sail up northern Wales but the winds were not so good so we decided to sail to Solva and wait for better winds.

There was not much room in the harbour at Solva so we anchored together with Sanuti. We had both our anchors in and also tied the afts towards a rock so that we wouldn’t turn to much.
We took the dinghy ashore together with Sanuti.
Not much water to ride the dinghy on at low tide…
Very lush and green around Solva.
A pretty bridge.
And a cute house.
We visited Solav woolen mill shop.
Solva harbour, almost low tide.
Our anchorage seen from above.

We went ashore in the evening and watch the European championship in football Sweden vs Ukraine, unfortunately Sweden lost and out of the championship. But we had a few beers and then returned to the boats.

Here is the YouTube video from our time in Pembrokeshire, we speak Swedish mostly in our videos but all have English subtitles.

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