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Exploring Öland

August 30-September 3, 2020

After our bad night in Harstena we got up early on Sunday morning, August 30th, to head for the island Öland. The sea was still quite rolly after last nights strong winds and we both felt a little bit of seasickness (no throwing up, though). We started sailing but after a while the wind died, but the waves did not so we started the engine and headed for the north part of Öland. We arrived late in the evening and met up with Petra’s parents who had come to visit us there. We ate dinner at one restaurant that was still open. This is probably a pretty busy village in the high season months but now when we got there it was pretty empty.

The following day we set of to explore some parts of Öland, the lighthouse on the northern tip and a cool pine forest.

Almost at the lighthouse Långe Jan.

Cows on the beach.
A shipwreck on the beach near Trollskogen.
At the cool pine forest Trollskogen. The pine trees has gotten their funny shapes due to many years of string winds.

After lunch we set sail south and arrived to the village Sandvik. It was same here as in Byxelkrok, really empty and lots of open spots in the marina.

Anne-Mon in the marina in Sandvik.

We didn’t stay long in Sandvik and started our sail to Borgholm early in the morning. We had a really good and fast sail to Borgholm, averaged about 7 knots and for one second with the help of a wave we reached 10.4 knots. We arrived just before lunch and spent the afternoon exploring more of Öland together with Petra’s parents. We drove through the Unesco World Heritage site Alvaret on southern Öland and visited an ancient castle.

At the ancient castle, Eketorp.
They had rebuilt the caste to look like it did once upon a time.

We drove back to Borgholm and took a look at the castle ruin and ate a nice dinner with Petra’s parents.

Borgholm caste ruins.

The next morning, on Wednesday september 2nd, we set sail again, this time we prepared for a longer sail towards Kristianopel on the mainland. We had really good winds this day as well and made good speed south.

Ölandsbron in sight.

When we arrived to Kristianopel it was rainy and we barely saw any people in the village. It was a really cozy place but as the villages on Öland (with the exception of Borgholm) this place is probably more fun in July/early August.

Walking around a rainy and empty Kristianopel.


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