Engine,  Sailboat renovation

Electrical installation for the engine

Weekend and Saturday meant working with the boat, and most of the day we worked with the electrical installation for the engine. Our goal with the electrical system overhaul right now is to get the electrics around the engine to work. The rest of the system will we go over thoroughly later on.

How it looked like before in the electrical cabin.
The electrical installation towards the engine in place and some things in the bottom of the cabin removed. Still pretty messy though…
A closer look at the electrical installation in the electrical cabin.
The electrical installation on the engine. The cables represent start engine, tachometer, oil pressure, temperature etc. We use tin plated wires and connecters here. 
The cables towards the batteries in position.
Connecting the cable to the starter, so that we can try to start it later.

We also worked a little bit with preparing the cockpit. Hopefully it will get warmer soon and we will be able to continue with the plastic repairs.

Picture taken just after we bought Anne-Mon. In the autumn we got rid of the plank close towards the door. It was mounted with a lot of marine sealant which we started removing.
The sealant that the plank was mounted with.

Almost removed. The rest is a pretty thin layer which we will be able to ground later.

Next up will be to continue with the electrical system and move the boat from its winter location. If you are interested in reading more about our electrical systems all posts related to that can be found under the tag Electrical System. All posts related to our renovation can be found under the category Renovation.

Now it is Monday and time to eat dinner and watch the latest Game of Thrones episode! We will add a new post tomorrow about the work we did yesterday, when we moved the boat, had some alternator issue and started to get rid of some stuff. 🙂

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