Engine,  Sailboat renovation

Easter tour and boatwork

It is Easter holiday now which means four days off work. The first day we took a tour with our ship Aline to the island Storön in the archipelago together with some other ships.

Aline together with three other ships at  Storön, the fourth ship might be hard to find…

It was definitely summer feelings in Stockholm with 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit) and we brought our sliding hatch and Thomas worked with it for a while.

Working with the sliding hatch in the sun.

We spent one night out and then drove back in the evening. The following day we went to the sailboat to continue working.

First up was to add our new stop wire we bought. The old one was glitching and we want to have a reliable stop wire.

The stop wire in place in the hatch on starboard side in the cockpit.

We still need a final piece on the engine side which we haven’t bought yet, so the installation is not finished. We continued with the electrical installation on the engine, we use pipes around the cables, for protection and to have it nicely organized.

Figuring out how the pipes should be drawn on the engine.

We also tried to add the cover for the generator, looks really nice and clean now! 🙂

The cover on the generator added.

We also use pipes for the other cables routed in the “engine room”.

A pipe added for the cables going between the engine and battery box. Now we just need to route all cables that should go through here.

We had also painted the holders for the diesel filters in the same color as the engine. It is starting to look very nice below the flooring. Still some details left, but we’re getting there.

The newly painted diesel filter holder back in position.

We took a look at the electrical panel in the navigation area in the boat. We also opened some drawers that we haven’t looked in since buying the boat, found some useful stuff; some courtesy flags, a bunch of flares and then a bunch of stuff that we don’t know what it is and what it should be used for, but maybe time will tell.

Trying to figure out a plan for the electrical panel.
Lots of different cables in the electrical cabin.

Now we just got back from a shopping tour to buy a bunch of stuff we need, both for the electrical system and the sliding hatch. Always nice to spend some money…  We just arrived to  the boat and will continue working.

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