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Drinking port wine in Porto

October 26-30, 2020

After our sail through the big waves and we arrived safely to Douro Marina we where notified that they would close the river entrance for a couple of days due to even bigger waves (a big storm on the north Atlantic that caused these waves) so we would have a couple of days in Porto.

On our first day it rained a lot so we just stayed in the boat and fixed some things. Have forgotten exactly what we did in our stay in Porto, but with an old boat we always have a to-do list which never is fully completed. Anyway, the first day was mainly boatwork.

The following day the sun was out and we set out to explore Porto, and the first stop was a port wine tasting (which we got for free via the marina) together with Sofie and Christopher from the sailboat Svala.

Port wine in the making.
More port wine in the making…
After a tour around the winery it was time for the tasting. The port wine was really good and we ended up buying a white port wine.

After the wine tasting we continued into Porto, a really beautiful town. We did some sightseeing and stopped at some places for beers.

En route to Porto.
Really cozy streets in the town.
A beautiful train station.
When the beer costs 1€ you have to stop…

The next day we where back to fixing thing, went to dinner with the crew on the sailboats Svala and Freyja, went to a supermarket to buy some food and then we decided to leave the marina and stay on anchor outside the last night (the entrance where still closed so we couldn’t leave because of the waves, not that we wanted to anyway). The reason was that there was so much movement in the marina. The current from the river made everything move a lot; one of our fairleads broke and every night it was hard to get a good sleep. The last night on anchor was so much nicer and we got a really good nights sleep before it was time to move south again.

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  • София

    Turns out we didn’t quite have the full picture of the phenomenon, and a UCLA team has discovered a cause that’s literally shocking Surely you’ve noticed the slow-dripping streaks encircling the inside of your wineglass after swirling a Port or a hearty Cab: That melancholic vinous phenomenon we call “wine tears” (or ” wine legs “). We know a bit about what causes weepy wine —and that the streaks have nothing to do with the wine’s quality. But Prof. Andrea Bertozzi of the UCLA department of mathematics realized there was more to it—and it involves little shock waves going through your wine.

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