Atlantic Circuit,  Caribbean

Dog shelter and hikes

January 26-29, 2021

After Tobago Cays we headed towards Union island. We anchored outside Clifton and when we entered we got to see some cool kitesurfing tricks. Union island is popular for kitesurfing and would have been really nice to try, but unfortunately a bit too expensive for us.

We had to find some cheaper entertainment, so we went on some small hikes on the island and also visited a dog shelter, Salty Paws. Really nice to see a place that takes care of dogs that haven’t had an easy life.

At the dog shelter.

The dog Peanut, very happy fella!
So cute!

Cute baby goats in the forest

We walked up to one of the peaks on Union island with a nice view of the anchorage at Frigate island
After hike drinks with Sanuti.
The next day we went on another hike, up to the peak next to Clifton.

The colorful market in Clifton!

Video below from our time in the Grenadines. English subtitles can be activated for all our videos.

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