Day trip to the island Pico

Just next to Faial in the Azores is the island Pico. The two islands are located very close to each other and a short trip with the ferry easily takes you to Pico. As we heard that it was a very cool island we decided to take the ferry there together with Svala and their crew. And we were not disappointed! Pico was very cool and pretty, and a lot of cows!

Taking the ferry from Horta was very easy, and a visit to Pico is something you shouldn’t miss if visiting Faial. We took the ferry by foot and rented a car once we got to Pico, but it wasn’t very easy finding cars. So, recommend to pre-book a car instead. But after visiting several car rental agencies we found a car!

The harbor in Pico, in the distance you can see Faial
A lot of cows everywhere on Pico, think we had at least 3 cow road blocks during the day.

There’s a lot of cool vineyards at Pico.

Enjoying the view

We stopped and took a walk in this very pretty parc; Parque Florestal e Recreio do Misterio de S. Joao

Very well taken care of

Traditional Azores mill
By a lucky shot we found this really nice restaurant, we thought we wouldn’t find anything as the village nearby didn’t have much. But then we saw a small sign, which led us to a hotel with a really nice restaurant. The restaurant was called Fonte Cuisine.
The peak Pico on the island Pico.

After a really nice day we returned the rented cars, had a few beers at the harbor while we waited for the ferry back to Faial.


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