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Cost for Volvo Penta renovation

It is about time to share the cost for our Volvo Penta MD 19 renovation. As said earlier we have done most of the work ourselves and spent some time finding cheap spare parts on the internet. If you want to know more about where we found all the spare parts, click HERE.

cost volvo penta renovation
The smaller costs related to our Volvo Penta renovation. More information about the costs can be found below.
Pistons/Piston Rings/liners

Ordered from internet to what we think was a reasonable price. The main issue here was that it was hard to find the correct liners.

Cylinder head

We outsourced the service of the cylinder head since we didn’t have the correct tools and this is the price we had to pay for that job.

Engine parts

This post is much of the spare parts we bought, and it includes:

  • Gaskets
  • Crankshaft bearings
  • Cam followers
  • Push rods
  • Engine mounts
  • Connection rod bearings
  • Freeze plugs
  • … and other small spare parts
HEat exchanger

We had to fix the connection between the heat exchanger and the exhaust manifold due to bad corrosion. We outsourced that part to the same guy that fixed the cylinder head and this is the price we paid for that service.

Water pump

The service kit we bought for the circulation pump.

Other Engine Renovation cost

This a description of the post for the other renovation costs in the table above.

cost volvo penta renovation
The smaller costs related to our Volvo Penta renovation. More information about the costs can be found below.
Crankcase ventilation

We made a new crankcase ventilation and this cost is some pipe fittings for that.


We bought a new thermostat since the old one had the wrong opening temperature.


The gearbox looked good and we only did minor changes to it. This cost is for new o-rings, sealings and gaskets for the gearbox.


We left the injectors at a engine shop to do a pressure test of them. They looked pretty okay, and they just adjusted the opening pressure on one of the injectors.

Other small costs

This is a big post and includes all small parts that doesn’t cost that much but together they are a lot. The costs here includes:

  • New paint
  • Painting brushes
  • O-rings
  • Anods
  • Epoxykit
  • Cleaning articles
  • Dial indicator
  • Valve spring
  • Different kinds of gaskets
  • Fuel hoses
  • Etc

All blog posts related to our Volvo Penta renovation can be found under the category Engine. We have also added some new pages, where we will collect all our information posts so that they can be easily found. These pages will be updated as our renovation progresses. They can be found under Cost & Information.


  • Nick van der Knijf

    Hello there,

    Nice to read about your engine rebuilt. I’ve a volvo penta md21a engine in my boat. Almost look like the same as mine.
    But mine engine leaks cooling liquid to the engine oil. I think the seal of the cilinder liner is broken. Now i want to fix it by myself, but i need a workshop manual. I hope you can help me to find one..


    Nick van der Knijf

    • Sailing Anne-Mon

      Hi, we have a workshop manual in Swedish that we got when we bought our boat, so not really sure where to find workshop manuals. Our best guess is to find it somewhere on internet or maybe contact Volvo Penta. Good luck with your engine!

      // Thomas & Petra

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