Sailboat Renovation

In this page we will share the cost for our sailboat renovation and give shortcuts to where more information can be found. To read more detailed about our renovation, all blog posts related to our renovation can be found under the categories: Renovation and Engine.

A little note about us and our mindset when renovating our sailboat. We bought an old (built 1965), relatively cheap sailboat (read more about it under About-> The Boat), which was in need for some renovation. The boat had some bigger plastic cracks in the cockpit for example and the engine wouldn’t start, for example. When it comes to the renovation we do all the work we can ourselves, which saves us a lot of money and at the same time we get to know our boat, its flaws etc and if something breaks on the way we can fix it ourselves. We also look around on the internet a lot to find the best and cheapest parts and don’t mind waiting a while if necessary.

Even though it has been a lot of time and money put into the renovation we really like our boat and we enjoy (usually at least) being at the boat doing renovation work.

One thing we have learned so far, the “Other” costs while renovating are always bigger than first expected, it all the really small costs but bunched together they make up for quite a lot.

There is a lot of detailed costs below, but maybe for someone planning a sailing trip and are planning some renovation before that it might help to see what others spend money on and how much.

Total cost for our sailboat renovation so far (see more details about the costs below):

Cost for Sailboat Renovation 112’730 12’400 10’709
Content for this PAGE
  • Bilge
  • Cockpit
  • Deck renovations
  • Electrical system
  • Engine (Volvo Penta MD19)
  • Fresh water
  • Generator (Zeise Liliput Multi Power)
  • Holding tank
  • Interior
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Mast & Rig
  • Smaller costs
  • Total cost for renovations related to the bilge:
    Fuel tanks 1’151 127 109
    Other 2’409 265 229
  • The costs for our fuel tank renovation included:
    • Hoses
    • Connections
    • Gasket material
  • The other costs for work related to the bilge includes:
    • A new bilge pump
    • Cleaning materials
    • –and other connections, hoses, etc
  • All posts related to our fuel tank renovation can be found under the tag Fuel Tank and all posts related to the bilge can be found under the tag: Bilge.
  • Cost for plastic repairs in the cockpit so far:
    Plastic repairs 6’020 662 572
    Wood external 2’150 237 204
    Other 2’880 317 274
  • The plastic repair costs here includes:
    • Polyester and glass fiber to repair cracks in the plastic
    • Paint for the cockpit
  •  The other costs related to the cockpit includes
    • Storage hatches
    • Tools
  • All plastic repair work we have done and will do can be found under the tag: Plastic Repair and all our renovations of the cockpit can be found under the tag: Cockpit.
Deck renovations
Deck renovations 2’090 230 199

The deck renovation consists of:

  • Plastic repairs
  • Repairs for the guardrail
  • Pieces of stainless steel to prevent leakages from chainplates etc
Electrical system
  • Total cost for electrical system:
Electrical system 6’705 738 637
  • The costs for the electrical system includes:
    • Fuses, circuit breakers, etc
    • Terminals, cables, etc
    • Shore power components
    • 230V installation
  • All blog posts related to our electrical system can be found under the tag: Electrical system.
ENgine – volvo penta MD19
  • Total cost for engine renovation:
Engine renovation 31’340 3’447 2’977
Engine maintenance 1’791 197 170
  • For more details about the engine renovation costs, click HERE. This post shows the detailed costs for the engine renovation we did the winter 2018/19 and after that we’ve had some additional engine costs when doing the installation of the engine. That is the reason that the total costs for the engine on this page doesn’t match the total cost in the blog post.
  • Information about were we found spare parts to our Volvo Penta MD19 can be found HERE.
  • All blog posts related to our engine restoration can be found under the category: Engine.
cost sailboat renovation
The engine after our engine renovation, a big part of the cost for our sailboat renovation.
Fresh Water
Fresh water 2’972 327 282

The fresh water renovation consists of:

  • A new water tank for the watermaker
  • Hoses
  • Pipe connections
  • All blog posts related to our fresh water renovation can be found under the tag Fresh Water  or the tag Watermaker.
Generator – Zeise Liliput Multi Power
  • Cost for generator renovation:
Generator 1’804 198 171

The costs for the generator includes:

    • A service kit for the circulation pump and the water pump
    • New diesel filter
  • All posts related to the generator renovation can be found under the tag: Generator.
Holding tank
Holding tank 8’373 921 795
  • The holding tank renovation consists of:
    • Buying a new holding tank
    • Black water pump
    • Toilet hoses
    • Other small costs
  • All posts related to holding tank renovation can be found under the tag Holding tank.
  • Total cost for the work we have done to the interior
Interior 7’024 773 667
Wood 10’397 1’144 988
  • The costs for the interior includes:
    • Fake leather material for the roof panels
    • Fabric for curtains etc
    • Glue, cleaning material, screws
    • Mahogany and other wood
  • All blog posts related to our electrical system can be found under the tag: Interior.
Kitchen renovation
Kitchen renovation 3’288 362 312
  • The kitchen renovation consists of:
    • Propane installation, read more about our propane installation under the tag Propane.
    • Parts for a kitchen fan (more about that soon)
    • Building a freezer box (more about that under tag Freezer)
    • Other small costs
Mast & Rig
Mast & Rig 8’888 978 844

The mast and rig renovation consists of:

  • New traveler
  • Some instruments
  • Some new shrouds
  • Equipment for reefing the mainsail
  • … and a bunch of other small things like shackles, brackets etc
  • All blog posts related to our rig and mast renovations can be found under the tag Rig or the tag Mast.
Other costs
  • Other smaller costs we’ve had during our sailboat renovation:
    External renovation 3’334 367 317
    System renovation 6’637 730 631
    Internal renovation 3’477 382 330
  • The other costs for external renovations includes:
    • Smaller parts for the rig
    • Cleaning material
    • Sanding paper for cockpit renovation
    • Sealant
    • Painting materials
  • The other costs for system renovations includes:
    • Hoses, hose connections
    • Other connections
  • The other costs for internal renovations includes:
    • Screws, nuts
    • Cleaning materials

This page about the cost for our sailboat renovation was updated on March 4th 2020 with current exchange rates: SEK->USD: 0.11 and SEK->EUR: 0.095.