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What does it cost to sail around the world and what is the preparation costs for sailing around the world? In these pages we will gather all information and cost for sailing around the world that we would have liked to know about. As said everywhere, the costs are quite individual and depends quite a lot.

We haven’t yet left Sweden so at the moment this pages is about all cost for renovating our sailboat and buying equipment before departure (but we have added a blog post where we shared our budget estimation, click HERE if you want to read more about that). Having a sailboat and preparing it for the oceans isn’t cheap and the preparation costs needs to be taken into account as well when planning to go on a longer sailing trip.

A little note about us and our mindset when renovating and buying equipment for our sailboat. We bought a relatively cheap sailboat (read more about it under About-> The Boat), which was in need for some renovation. When it comes to the renovation we do all the work we can ourselves, which saves us a lot of money and at the same time we get to know our boat, its flaws etc and if something breaks on the way we can fix it ourselves.

One thing we have learned so far, the “Other” costs while renovating are always bigger than first expected, it all the really small costs but bunched together they make up for quite a lot. More about the renovation and related costs can be found here: Sailboat Renovation.¬†

When it comes to Sailboat Equipment and Other Equipment we try to buy as much as possible second hand or on sales.

Here is an overview of our costs so far, to read more about each cost by following the links below:

Sailboat Purchase 90’000 9’189 8’398
Sailboat Renovation 112’730 12’400 10’709
Sailboat Equipment 74’439 8’188 7’072
Other Equipment 32’310 3’554 3’069
Sailing Destinations
Total 309’601 34’043 29’401

All the pages under the Cost & Information category, which gives more details about the costs listed above.

preparation costs sailing around the world
We do all the renovation work ourselves.

This page about the cost for our sailboat equipment was updated on March 4th 2020 with current exchange rates: SEK->USD: 0.11 and SEK->EUR: 0.095.