Sailboat renovation

Continuing with electrical system overhaul and our sails

During the weekend we first did some work on our ship, Aline, and took her our for a first drive for the year. We also took a look at the sails we have for our ketch rigged sailboat, more about them below.  But first a little text about some electrical work we did during the weekend. First up for the day was to clean up and get rid of cables and hoses that we won’t use between the engine and the batteries.

Lots of cables between the engine and the batteries.
Trying to sort out which cables goes where.

We removed some stuff, a hose that is used for gardening used for the sea water system (we will have a proper hose later), some cables for television antenna. The rest of the cables here were for the bow thruster, echo sounder and log.

Using a wire brush to clean the flooring.
Clean and less cables! 🙂
Continued with the cables.
Cables connected.

We also did some more cleaning, in the bathroom, the wardrobe area and the chair. It wasn’t the dirtiest of places but still needed some cleaning. We also took a quick look at the 3 bags of sails we have in the boat.

Some week ago we gathered our sail bags that were stored in the marina and took a quick look at them. There were 8 bags stored in a shed in the marina and 3 bags inside the boat. We have only looked at them quickly (and indoors) but almost all of them seems to be in good shape and we think that we have:

  • 1 x Main sail
  • 1 x Mizzen sail
  • 1 x Head sail (furling)
  • 2 x Head sail (one smaller and one bigger)
  • 1 x Spinnaker
  • 1 x Gennaker
  • 1 x Mizzen staysail
  • … and two more bags in the boat that we don’t know what kind of sails are inside

As said before, we have just taken a quick look at the sails so they could be something else.

sails ketch rigged sailboat
Our sails for our ketch rigged sailboat, that we had in the shed on the marina.
sails ketch rigged sailboat
The smaller head sail.
sails ketch rigged sailboat
The main sail, which has the sail number H7 S82.
sails ketch rigged sailboat
The spinnaker.

Next up will be to continue with the electrical system overhaul to get the basic functions in order and to fix some leakages we have on the hatch door. If you want to read more about our sailboat renovation, all blog posts about the renovation can be found HERE.


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