Sailboat renovation

Companionway door renovation – part one

One thing we want to have completed before the summer starts for real is the companionway door we have had for our sailboat. The old one we have is just a plywood with some insulation on it. It is leaking and is looking pretty boring, and with the newly renovated sliding hatch we need a matching companionway door.

The old companionway door for our sailboat, looking pretty boring. This picture is from when we just bought the boat.
The new companionway door that the previous owner started doing. Here the door is seen from the inside and it is just insulation showing.
The new companionway door seen from the outside, here we have teak.

The door is pretty thick and will feel as a proper door when finished.

First up was to cut up a piece of mahogany for the inside of the door.
The mahogany plywood in perfect fit with the rest of the companionway door.
Next up was to add lists around the companionway door on the inside, for the outside we have a metal frame which we will add later on.
Not easy to get all the angles correct, square angles doesn’t exactly exist on boats… But we got them in position really nice by taking it slow.
We used polyurethane based glue to fix the lists. The glue expands inside and by doing that it covers large parts of the surfaces glued together.
We sanded the outside of the companionway door and tested it out to get the correct size.
This will hopefully look really good once the door is finished, with its metal frame and varnished, together with the white paint in the cockpit.
Adding wood putty on places where there where some damages in the wood. This was too light so we bought a new darker one to add over.

Next up with the companionway door will be to add the metal frame, continue sanding, add windows and finally varnish it! 🙂

As mentioned before we have started to paint the cockpit, hopefully the weather is with us the following days so we can add the final layers. If you want to read previous posts about the work we have been doing on our sailboat, all posts (except the engine, which is found under the category Engine) related to the renovation can be found under the category Renovation.



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