Sailboat renovation

Cockpit work

When we had added the final layer of paint in the cockpit we could start fixing other details in the cockpit. First up was to get the sprayhood for our sailboat in position, it was included when buying the boat and is proably not very old, since it is in very good condition. It is the same fabric as the boom covers which is really nice.

Starting to get the sprayhood in position, its a little bit dirty but in very good condition otherwise.
Some of the screws that holds the sprayhood in position weren’t made of stainless steel, so we changed those to stainless instead.
sprayhood sailboat
Sprayhood in position.
Looks really nice with the white paint and the sprayhood.

After the sprayhood was in place we started adding the hatches we bought a long time ago.

The frame for the first hatch in position.
Time to get second hatch in position, starting with drilling a hole for the locks.
Adding sealant on the frame.
And finally fixing the frame with screws.
We also got the cover for the piedestal in position, which we removed while painting.

The white paint is very slippery when wet and that is not very good while sailing. So we addded some non-slip paint on the floor in the cockpit.

Prepping with tape for the non-slip paint.
Making the corners. This corner was pretty bad but we fixed it after taking this picture.
Sanding the white paint before painting the non-slip paint.
Starting to paint. The paint we use is International Interdeck, which is the same we have on the deck on the ship. We already had a can of paint so we didn’t need to buy a new one.
Paint added everywhere, looks quite messy with the tape still there but when removed…
…it looks like this!
The non-slip paint from another angle.

We still have some things left to do before we could leave for a small sailing trip, but we are getting there! 🙂


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