Sailboat renovation

Cleaning the bilge and new holding tank plans

After we took out the water tank that would be our holding tank, some cleaning of the bilge underneath the tank was needed since it wasn’t exactly clean. We had cleaned the bilge under the engine when we took the engine out last year, but not the part of the bilge in front of the engine. If you want to read more about our engine renovation, click HERE.

When we bought Anne-Mon there was a lot of this old boat smell and when cleaning the bilge under the engine we got rid of some of the smell, but not completely. So, now when the tank is out it was a perfect opportunity to get rid of the final boat smell.

cleaning bilge
Cleaning the bilge – time!
Definitely needs some cleaning…
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the bilge…
Nice and clean 🙂

cleaning bilge

We also removed the styrofoam above the bilge, under the bed in the cabin, and cleaned underneath. This is the place where we will have the pump for the holding tank so nice to have it cleaned up.

Above the bilge before cleaning.
…and after!

We also did some pressure test on the water tank to test our newly welded connection and those didn’t leak, but we noticed leakages in the old welding on the tank. At first we only saw it on one place so we tried to weld it together, but it was not easy and we noticed a few other places were the tank was leaking.

So instead of trying to fix the tank we decided to buy a new one and place it where this old water tank had been. We found a plastic one online which was a good fit, so we ordered it. We will wait for it to arrive and then we will continue installing the holding tank.

Continuation of our holding tank work can be found under the tag: Holding tank.

We have also started thinking about the autopilot solution we will build, but more on that later on.

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