Sailboat renovation

Cleaning and grounding the plastic cracks

September 2018

When we bought Anne-Mon there were some plastic cracks in the cockpit. We wanted to repair the plastic cracks before the autumn arrived to Sweden, so that they would not get worse.

The first, and very important, thing we did to repair the plastic cracks was to make a thorough cleaning of the cockpit. It was very dirty, after 10 years of collecting all kinds of dirt. We grounded the cracks to open them up and to make them dry. We didn’t want to put new fiberglass and polyester on the cracks while they were still wet. Then we would close in the moisture and that would probably cause some trouble for us later on.

The cockpit was quite dirty, and some cleaning was necessary.
In the picture you can see the some of the cracks in the seat. They have collect some moisture over the years .
We grounded the plastic cracks to make it easier to get all the moisture out.

We were able to make the cracks dry, but we left them over night and the following sunny day to let them dry even more.

The next step will be to put polyester and fiberglass on the plastic cracks in the seat and on some other places where we noticed that the current plastic is a little weak.

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