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Canyoning and Trafalgar falls

March 3, 2021

When we just arrived to Dominica we talked to some other cruisers that just had been on a canyoning tour, and we got really excited about that. We booked a tour with Ti Nath Canyoning and it was such a fun activity! We repelled down in the canyon, jumped in waterfall and walked through the majestic canyon! Really, really recommend this activity if ever visting Dominica!

Repelling down in the canyon.

Really cool to repell, jump, walk and swim through the canyon!

The start (and end) of the canyoning was close to Ti Tou Gorge (another filming location from the Pirates of the Caribbean 2). We didn’t swim through the gorge on that day, just had a look at it from the outside. Later on our visit in Dominica (when we also did the Boiling Lake tour) we swam through the gorge, which was really cool also. It was also very fun because you really recognized the place from the Pirates-movies.

The “entrance” into Ti Tou Gorge.

 We had lunch at place near Ti Tou Gorge, and after that we got arranged so that we could be driven to Trafalgar Falls. It is another twin fall, with the Father Fall and the Mother fall. By the Father fall there is hot springs you can sit down in as well as swimming in the colder water from the waterfall. The walk up the hot springs and the pool of the Father fall consists of some climbing on boulders. It was a bit tricky to find a possible way up, but not impossible. In many places it says that you must definitely have a guide to do this. We did it without a guide and it was no problems.

Father and Mother Fall at Trafalgar Falls. Here you can see all the boulders you have to pass in order to get up the Father Fall.
Beautiful view down on the valley from the Father Fall.
The hot spring and cold water by the Father Fall. The orange part of the rocks are were the hot water flows. Very cool to just jump between the hot water pool and the cold water pool.

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