Sailboat renovation

Cables, cables, cables…

The final day of Easter meant more boatwork and organizing cables in the boat. We also went on a shopping tour, bought some stuff for the electrical system and the sliding hatch. We will add a separate blog post about the work we have done so far regarding the sliding hatch, so stay tuned.

Before we started working we decided to do a little remake of how we started with the electrical system. We moved the position of the current shunt for the battery monitor. Now it is placed between the negative terminal of the service batteries and the negative terminal of the start battery. All ground connections are made to the start battery side of the shunt. From this connection it will be possible to monitor all the current that is drawn from the service batteries. At the same time the high currents drawn from the start battery will not pass through the shunt. We will try to fix a nice schematic later to show how we connect everything.

First up for the day was to “make” more cables, cutting them in the right length, adding terminals and finally shrinking tubes for protection.

Cables with terminals and shrink tubing in the making.

The cables we have are pretty thick and we soon realized that all cables that will pass through between the engine and the batteries won’t fit in one pipe, so we decided to add a second pipe above the first one.

This is how it looked before we started removing cables between the engine and battery box. Some of the cables here are removed for good but most of them will be kept or replaced.
Holder for the new pipe above the first one.

The new pipe on top of the old one.
Pipes for the cables going to the generator and the engine. The other three cables in the will go to the engine and haven’t been organized yet.
Connecting the cables to ground and breakers. We still have some messy cables here but when compared to the before picture above it is starting to look good. 🙂


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