Before and After – Volvo Penta Renovation

It is time to share a bunch of before and after pictures of our Volvo Penta renovation! We have been working with renovating the engine during the winter and it is so satisfying to see these pictures after many hours hard work.

The engine seen from behind before renovation.

And after! 🙂 Here the gearbox is mounted as well, but we will have to remove it before lifting the engine back into the boat.
Seen from the side before…

volvo penta md19 renovation

… and after!
Seen from the front, and a little on the other side before renovation.
New paint on the heat exchanger definitely made a difference!
The port side of the engine before renovation.

volvo penta md19 renovation

Port side after renovation. Just need a new filter with no paint on it.
The engine seen from above before renovation.
And after, with a closer look at the newly painted injectors.
Finally a closer look at the heat exchanger before renovation.
And after! 🙂

We lifted out the engine from the boat October 21, 2018 and since then we have been working with the renovation on evenings and weekends until now, March 16, 2019, five months later we feel that we are completely finished with the renovation. We have been keeping track on the hours spent working on the engine and have estimated it to be around 200 hours active work. It is a lot of time spent, but we see it as an investment in knowing more about our boat and our engine. It will hopefully pay off someday if something breaks where help cannot be found.

We will prepare a post where we share all the costs for our Volvo Penta renovation and share it here soon.

If you want to read more about our Volvo Penta renovation check out our other blog posts about the engine under the category Engine.

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