Sailboat renovation

Before and after painting the cockpit

Finally all our preparations before painting the cockpit was done and we could paint it white. We used Epifanes polyurethane two-component lack, which was pretty easy to paint with. But it didn’t cover very good so on some places we needed four layers. We used foam rollers, which worked pretty well. They swallowed a lot of paint but the result was good. Since it is a two-component paint we also needed to change the foam rollers after some time since the paint dissolved the roller.

But now let’s look at some pictures of how it looked before and after painting. The real before and after pictures of the cockpit will be shown later when other things are finished as well, such as the cabin door and other details in the cockpit.

Next to the sliding hatch before painting.
And after.


painted with Epifanes polyurethane two-component lack
And a final picture of the entire cockpit 🙂

The cockpit looks really fresh and clean right now, we will see how long that lasts… 😉 We are not finished with the cockpit yet, we still have some other tasks left to do; like finish the cabin door, paint some of the floor parts in the cockpit with anti-slip paint, fix the teak around the cockpit and get all the hatches in position.

If you want to read our previous posts about the work we have done in the cockpit all posts related to that can be found under the tag Cockpit, and all plastic repairs we have done under the tag Plastic Repair.

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