Sailboat renovation

Battery installation

It was time to make a safe arrangement for our batteries. Our battery box is a little bit bigger than our batteries, and we wanted to have some support in the box so that they won’t move when the boat tilts. We will have a some pieces of wood around the batteries in the box and an extra strap to tighten the batteries down.

Testing the size of the wood pieces and the strap.

We painted them white so that they will look nice 🙂

The wood pieces painted white, so that they will look nice and hold longer.
The wood pieces in position in the battery box.
The batteries in position and tightening the strap.
Now the batteries won’t move around 🙂
From above 🙂
As a comparison, this is how the battery box and the electrical system looked like before we started organizing this part. We aren’t completely finished yet, but we are getting there 🙂

During the weekend it has been raining a lot here in Stockholm, which was a perfect opportunity to see if the cowl vents we repaired last weekend wasn’t leaking anymore. What we can see they are now sealed, which is really nice! We have also tried to look around in the boat to find if there are any more obvious leakages, but haven’t found any major ones at least. But we will keep our eyes open so that we can find and fix all possible leakages.

We also opened up our anchor box, as of now the anchor chain is just laying in the bottom of the anchor box (see below). We would like to have a box to gather the chain in so that this area is easier to keep clean and to make it possible to store other things here as well. And then we will need to clean this area and maybe paint it as well.

The opening to the anchor chain box.
The anchor chain in the bottom of the  anchor box.


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