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Back to Tobago Cays and fancy resort visit

January 29-February 4, 2021

After our pretty short visit at Union island we decided to sail back to Tobago Cays. The reason was that it would be less winds for a few days and we really liked it out there, so thought it was a good opportunity to have a few more days out there.

It was very few boats out at Tobago Cays this time; think it was only four or five at the big anchorage behind Horseshoe reef and three or four in the strait. We spent the time at Tobago Cays similar as we had at our first visit. We snorkelled, explored the islands we didn’t explore on our first visit and had another lobster barbecue.

A hermit crab on the beach 🙂
Thomas was really, really excited about helping out preparing the lobsters…
Lobster crew!

We got some crabs from Romeo (he arranges the lobster bbq at Tobago Cays) that we had for lunch one day.
The crabs were actually really good, but the biggest highlight was all the fish that gathered around the boat when we through in crab pieces. We had several rays, a wahoo and a lot of small fish!

After four nights we sailed to Mayreau, as we were invited for pizzas and drinks at a resort at Trousant Bay. The resort has just been built and not completely finished and will probably open for real when everything with the pandemic has calmed down. Now it was open for cruisers and locals, which came for drinks there in the evening. But now it was open for us, we had some really good pizzas, delicious drinks, swam in the pool and hung out at the pool bar. We spent two nights here and we spent more money those two days than we had done in a while but it was worth it. One thing that was also really fun with our visit there was that Chris Doyle was there at the same time. He has written a lot of guide books for the Caribbean and we have some of his books.

Some luxurious days at a resort at Mayreau!
Hangout in the bar with other cruisers 🙂
Exotic drinks in the pool bar.
And cute dogs

FOR SWEDISH FOLLOWERS: Vi har börjat göra lite Youtube-filmer för att dela med oss lite mer av vår resa. Alla filmer samlar vi under den här FLIKEN, men går också att hitta om man söker på Sailing Anne-Mon på Youtube :).

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