Autumn and winter boatwork plan

It is soon time for us to sail back into the city, where we will store our sailboat during the winter. We will keep the boat in the water during the winter, since we haven’t found a good and cheap spot on land. We still need to take her up on land before our departure, but this we will do when spring arrives and all other boats get into the water and then have her up as long as it takes to get all the land work ready.

The major tasks we have for the winter are:

  • Look at the steering and figure out a solution for the autopilot
  • Install our water maker.
  • Finish all electricity inside the boat
  • Take a look at the bow thruster
  • Some interior work
  • Finish radio communication

After the winter the major tasks that needs to finished are:

  • Go over the keel and re-paint it
  • Change all the through-hulls
  • Get the wind vane in position
  • Rig improvements
  • Smaller plastic fixes

We also have some non-boat related stuff that we need to have in order before our adventure, such as:

  • Vaccinations
  • Fix all paperwork, insurance for us and the boat, register the boat, getting our work-leave approved etc
  • Buy necessary safety equipment

So stay tuned for nine months of final preparations before we’re off in July 2020! 🙂

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