The Plan

On this page we will share our sailing plans. We bought our boat Anne-Mon August 2018 and immediately started our renovation of it. We will continue the renovation during the first part of 2020 and our plan is to leave Stockholm August 2020.  We will head for the Caribbean and then sail back to Sweden, we plan to be away for 13 months.

In late Aug we will leave Stockholm and sail along the east coast of Sweden until we reach Denmark and Germany. We will go through the Kiel canal to reach the North sea and then we will sail along the coast of Holland, Belgium and France.

We continue through the English Channel, which will probably be a challenge. The Baltic sea is not affected by tides at all, so we have no experience dealing with that. It is also a very busy shipping lane, which will be a challenge. We are used to sharing the space on the water since Stockholm archipelago consists of a lot of tight passages with a lot of boats as well.

In the English Channel it might be nice to visit one of the Channel islands. Depending on the conditions we might cross the Bay of Biscay from France or England. We will try to reach the Bay of Biscay as early as possible so that we have time to wait for good conditions.

After crossing Bay of Biscay we will continue along the Spanish and Portuguese coast. Probably visit Lisbon and other nice cities/villages. After Portugal we have to decide whether to go directly to the Canaries or stop in Madeira or Morocco. We have heard that it can be really crowded in Madeira this time of the year, but it looks really beautiful so it might be worth it anyway. Morocco depends on the security situation at the time.

At the Canaries we would really like to visit La Gomera, but we both have visited Gran Canaria and Tenerife before so we might not stay at those islands for too long. After the Canaries we would like to visit the Cape Verde island before the big crossing.

After that it will be late November/early December and it will be time to sail across the Atlantic Ocean!! 🙂 Late December we plan to arrive in the Caribbean islands. We will probably head for Barbados first and then sail north along the Lesser Antilles.

We will head north and finally reach the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Our last time in the Caribbean we will spend cruising in the Bahamas. In May we plan to start heading back, via Bermuda and the Azores. When we reach Northern Europe again we want to take the route towards Scotland and through the Caledonian canal an then sail across the North Sea back to Sweden.

These are our brief plan, but as the saying goes “Plans are written in sand at low tide” this may change.

You can follow or final renovations and later when we are sailing to the Caribbean here on the blog and on our instagram: @sailingannemon.

sailing to caribbean
Our sailboat Anne-Mon anchored in Stockholm archipelago. Soon we will be off sailing from Stockholm to the Caribbean.