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A visit to St Barths and final preparations

April 23-30, 2021

One day in Sint Maarten we decided to take the ferry to the previous Swedish colony St Barths. Now it belongs to France, but it was Swedish for a time during 17th and 18th century.

We took the ferry in the morning and since we had been in Sint Maarten for 4 days of more we didn’t have to do any testing or quarantine. We arrived to fancy Gustavia and took a walk around. A lot of famous, rich people have houses in the island and the town is filled with fancy stores.

Fancy stores in Gustavia, not for us…
But pretty, well organized and CLEAN streets. Not very common in the Caribbean, so much trash everywhere…
The streets in Gustavia has both a French and a Swedish name.
The Swedish clock tower.
A pretty beach close to Gustavia.
Same beach seen from above.
Overview of Gustavia, with all the red roofs.

The bar were Mick Jagger supposedly goes for hamburgers….
Swedish souvenirs.

After a nice day in St Barths we took the ferry back to Sint Maarten. Our last days in Sint Maarten was mostly focused on getting everything ready for the crossing. We fixed some things on the boat, bought a lot of food, cleaned and made sure that everything in the boat was properly stowed away. We checked the weather and decided on a day for departure.

Cleaning fruit and vegetables in chlorine to get rid of dirt and bacterias.


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