A short update

It was a couple of days since we updated anything here and the reason for that is that we have just been busy both with our regular jobs and preparing Anne-Mon. We try to do shorter updates on Instagram, so follow us there if you want to see more.

But in short we are still working a lot with the interior of the boat and removing and replacing the rotten wood. We have also made a lot of progress with the freezer and we think it will be really great 🙂

We also recently bought a new life raft, we bought a Sea Safe Pro Light for 4 persons, which was on sale during the boat fair season here in Sweden. Hopefully this is something we will never have to use, but it feels really good to have one.

We also have the huge thing happening in the world right now… We really hope that for all people affected that things we calm down soon so that the hospitals can handle all infected people and so that more people doesn’t lose their jobs. We also, of course, hope that our sailing plans won’t be affected by this, but time will tell… For now we keep on practicing social distancing (pretty easy when you have a boat to renovate, we usually never go to bigger events anyway) and hope that everything will be OK.

Will hopefully have time to write a longer post soon about our renovation progress with pictures and everything.

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