Sailboat renovation

A new kick for the boom on the main mast

On our boom for the main mast we don’t have any kick. The reason for that is probably that our boom can be rolled around to reef the sails. What we read is that this was used a couple of years ago and that it usually doesn’t work very well, since the shape of the main sail changes. But we haven’t tried this function yet so we can’t really say anything about it. We decided to mount the kick so that we could remove it and try this rolling function of the boom and see for ourselves if it is something to continue use or if it is better to reef the sail normally.

We mounted an attachment on the boom using pop rivets, the attachment is pretty small so that the sail will be able to roll around the mast if we decide to use the rolling reef function.

The attachment on the boom for the kick, one pop rivet left to attach.
The new kick for the boom on the main mast.
Seen from another angle.

We also changed the sheet on the mizzen mast, the old one was very stiff and damaged.

The old sheet for the mizzen mast was very stiff and had some damages.
The new sheet for the mizzen mast.
The handle on port side back in position.

Our work continues with getting Anne-Mon ready for some summer sailing, we are working with a propane installation, finishing the cabin door and a bunch of other stuff.

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