Atlantic Circuit,  Caribbean

A lot of fish and birds at beautiful Chatham Bay

February 4-7, 2021

Before we headed back to Bequia to prepare to leave for Dominica, we had one more place we wanted to visit in the Grenadines; Chatham Bay at Union island. We did the short sail from Mayreau to Chatham bay and anchored really close to the beach. We got a pro tip from our friend Lasse at Sandvita who has sailed in the Caribbean many years that close to the beach was best. He also said that it is deep close to the beach so nothing to worry about.

When we were anchored we decided to take a walk up the hill and check the area out.

Chatham bay from above

A turtoise up on the hill.

It was a lot of cows up on the hill.
A swamp near one of the restaurants, only bad thing about Chatham Bay – a lot of mosquitos!
Using the wifi to update the blog!

Chatham Bay was a really pretty place and it was so much animal life, a lot of fish jumping in the water and birds flying around, diving and catching the fish. A lot of pelicans and other birds also, but don’t know what species they were.

Trying to catch one of all fishes jumping around in the water around the boat, but with no luck.
Starfish under our boat.
And two more!
Walking the pretty beach.
A pelican relaxing in the water.
Boat full of peilcans and Anne-Mon in the background.
Very clear water!

We also hung out at the beach bar and snorkeled. We snorkeled on the north side of the bay and it was a lot of fich there. Big schools just passing by, very cool to see. Will share more of that in a future video.

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