What now?

Our sailing adventure for now is over, the sailboat is sold, but we just wanted to remind you that we still have some things left to share.

We will finish all our YouTube-videos, if you don’t want to miss a new video upload don’t forget to subscribe to the videos on YouTube. We speak Swedish in the videos, but all videos have English subtitles. Our next episode is just uploaded, where we explore different cave and tunnels in Antigua.

We have also summarized all our costs and information we have had during our sailing trip. Click on the link Information about Bluewater Cruising if you want to find all pages where we share information that we would have found useful when planning a sailing trip like this.

And here’s the Swedish version of the information we shared for sailing to the Caribbean and back: Seglingsinfo på svenska.

On our Instagram: @sailingannemon we sometimes share small updates on what we are doing now. We don’t want to share everything from our life back home, but we will do some small boat-related updates every now and then. Mostly in instastories so if you want to know what we are doing, follow us there 🙂

And for the future, we really hope that we will be able to do another sailing adventure! We really loved it! 🙂

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